Job Opportunities
Registered Massage Therapist

If you are a Registered Massage Therapist interested in and passionate about working with a truly integrated multidisciplinary team of practitioners, this is a great opportunity for you. As your caseload builds you will be able to grow this part-time position into a full-time position if desired.

You will be treating patients of all ages with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, but also de-stress and relaxation clients. There will be complicated shared-care cases to challenge you professionally, so you must be interested in working closely with the rest of our team to solve cases through comprehensive management plans.

We offer commission-based compensation contracts with competitive weekly pay at $50-$60 per hour of hands-on time, and no overhead expenses. You will manage your work schedule and share your treatment room with one other RMT. The room is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as on weekends. Apart from your scrubs, all PPE will be provided, and sanitizers and oils/gels are provided. We use an external linen service, and online booking/billing/charting software (JaneApp). We do not have a receptionist, but we are a paper-free practice with around 80% of our patients booking online, so we frankly do not have enough reception tasks at this point to keep one busy. The room is available immediately, so you can start immediately once a contract is signed.

Our concept and feel are rooted in the Scandinavian culture and wellness approach. While maintaining professionalism and respect, we strive to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for patients and practitioners alike. Our motto is to “create lasting positive health changes in every patient at every visit”. The energy in our clinic is modern, warm, and welcoming and is often described by our patients as “visiting a good friend’s house” rather than a “cold clinic”. All practitioners on our team have an equal voice and opportunity to grow and develop. All disciplines contribute equally to the healing of our patients.

Your personality and love for your profession are more important than your experience, so please apply regardless of how long you have been certified.
I am excited to show you our space and discuss the opportunity of welcoming you as a new colleague and team member into our practitioner family.

Open Opportunity

We are always looking for passionate, dedicated, evidence informed health care practitioners to join our team.

If you like our clinic's approach and culture, and you feel your personality and services would add to our strengths and broaden our services for our patients; please do not hesitate to reach out to the Clinic Owner, Dr. Kenneth Stelsoe. He can easily be reached at and is always open to new ideas and opportunities.